Collège St Joseph

Collège – Nozay

Loire Atlantique Uradel
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Reason one:

« Plaza de mayor »

It is a big place where there are many people and shops. The architecture is old and impressive.

Reason two:

« Food »

When you stay in a family, they give you a lot of greasy food. We ate lots of strawberries, chips, hamburgers, etc

Reason three:

« The university »

Its architecture is special. There is a frog sculpted on the facade . The legend says if you find it you will have luck.

In the university, you can visit a big and colored chapel. There is also a huge library.

Reason four:

« Salamanca »

Salamanca is an old city in which it is pleasant to have a stroll.

Reason five:

« Spanish people »

Last but not least, Spanish people are nice and welcoming.

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